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Benefits of a Passive House?

High levels of comfort

Consistent supply of fresh air throughout the entire building

Structural longevity: mould free buildings with a significantly reduced risk of moisture damage.

Extremely low heating and cooling costs, despite rising energy prices.

A radically improved indoor environment

Reduced the carbon footprint on the environment.

What is Passive House?

There is one building method that has been in practice since 1991 and has been scientifically and practically proven to be the gold standard in construction methods. Passive House construction has proven itself to be the how-to in meeting the current and future problems and demands faced by the Australian population and its climate.

The 5 basic principles in Passive House construction include:

Thermal insulation


High performance windows

Thermal bridge free design

Heat recovery ventilation

These 5 basic principles work together to create a high quality home that is efficient to run with measurable results, comfortable and healthy to live in, sustainable and eco-friendly, decreased carbon footprint, affordable to live in, versatile to any climate as well as being easily applicable to new builds as well as renovations and extensions of existing houses.

The Passive House concept doesn’t only work on paper – Built Passive House examples around the world prove that it also works in real buildings.

So the question is do you want to build a house that only meets the minimum standards begin creating what can only be seen as the construction methods and homes of the future.

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