How much is my building project going to cost?

You might not be too surprised to hear that the most accurate answer to that is “How long is a piece of string.” The only way we can know with any degree of clarity what your build is going to cost is to meet and discuss all the wants and needs aspects of your project.

How long is my building project going to take to complete?

It is dependent on the size of your project and the degree of deconstruction that’s going to take place to achieve your goals, however as a general guide a standard ‘moving out’ or ‘pre-moving in’ renovation will take somewhere in the vicinity of 3-9 months.

Will I have to move out of my house?

We can execute your project in stages so that you have a functioning area of the house where you can conduct your day-to-day living. It is easier if you rent somewhere for the duration, however, it’s not unusual for us to build in and around families’ lives and our professional ethos that dictates your experience with us is paramount, means you can rest assured that we clean up every day, that all your daily needs will be taken care of and the site is always safe.

How much mess is there going to be?

At the end of every day we cover everything and then vacuum and mop to keep the space as clean and clear as it can be. Our focus is for there to be the minimum amount of disruption as possible to your normal life.

What do I have to do?

We want for you to have to do as little as possible. Our plan is that you let us do what we’re good at and you can keep on keeping on with what you do in life.

What happens when our bathroom is under construction?

We will arrange a portable, full trailer ensuite that includes a shower, toilet and vanity and secure all weather access to it for you.