Best Practice

Best Practice


Most simply, Best Practice is the pursuit of excellence in all areas of business and life. This includes proactively
developing ‘client-centric’ systems and processes, with a view to raising industry standards and restoring
respect to the building industry.

These 16 points should act as a guide, inspiring your every action and ensuring you stay on a path of constant
and never-ending improvement.

I give 100% to every commitment I make until I succeed.I am committed to my clients, team members and the
vision of my company, now and in the future, always, fully and completely.

If I make a promise, I always deliver, especially to myself. I have a high level of personal integrity and
only make agreements that I am willing to keep. I speak the truth always and I know that this will
often require courage.

I always speak positively about my team members, clients, and company, in public and in private.I communicate with the purpose of good only, using positive and empowering communication. I am responsible for all my responses. I apologize for upsets and then find a solution to the problem.

I will always ask more of myself in every undertaking. I understand the law of cause and effect and constantly
strive to beat my best. I know that what I put in I’ll get back tenfold. I never compare myself to others; instead
I always ask if this is the best I can do? I set a positive example for both myself and my team.

I take a balanced approach to every element of my life –physical, spiritual, social and family. These are just as
important as the intellectual and the financial aspects of life and should be treated with just as much respect.

I always strive to do my absolute best. I don’t accept second best for myself or others. I will always deliver
services and products that are of exceptional quality and will be of high value in the long-term. I strive for
constant and consistent improvement.

I have an abundant mindset. I allow it into my life in all aspects by respecting my own worth and that of others.

I am consistent in all my actions, and thus all my clients and my team always feel comfortable dealing with me.
My results and success are consistent because I stay disciplined in my work.

I always maintain an atmosphere of fun and happiness, because I view my life as something to enjoy and

I continually learn and grow, mastering what I undertake so I can help others learn and grow, too. I don’t just impart theory but make sure information I give out is practical and can be used and applied. I learn from my mistakes.

I use a system solution, not a people solution when innovating. I follow whatever system is in use until a
new better one is introduced. This ensures consistency.

I am fully responsible for my actions and for the outcome of those actions. I am responsible for everything that
takes place in my life and is accountable for my results.I know that for things to change, I must change.

I am a team leader and team player. I do what it takes to work and achieve the goals of the team. I always find
a resolution. I am flexible in that I can change if what I am doing isn’t working. When I need help, I ask for it.
I help others who ask me for assistance.

I say “thank you” often and in different ways, because I want to show others I truly appreciate them.
I celebrate the wins I have and the wins others have –both team members and clients. I am truly grateful.

I know that having a strong, healthy and fit body and mind will give me more energy and vitality to better run
my business and personal life. I am aware of the food I eat and the amount of exercise I perform each week.
I set the right example for my family and my team and will continue to educate myself on how to stay in the
best physical and mental condition for my age.

We work hard to qualify and bring on the highest quality clients for both us and our suppliers. Once we
start a collaboration with a client, they become part of our family and are delivered an avalanche of value
which far exceeds any monetary payment received.

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