An Overview of the Home Renovation and Extension Project in Maraylya

We were extremely excited when we won the contract to renovate and extend this home in Maraylya, simply because we knew we’d be working on and beautifying a magnificent piece of history.

There are two sections to the existing home, the original structure was built from Sandstone in 1893 and the newer structure, built in 1997, was constructed of timber. Our job is to renovate the two existing structures and to extend them harmoniously into one single unit that serves all the needs of the homeowners.

Preparing the Site

The owners will be occupying the Sandstone structure throughout our construction schedule. Residency during construction is not unusual in the projects we take on, but it does present different and unique challenges that we have to meet in order for the residents to go about their daily lives.

Because of this ongoing residency, we have to take extra precautions to prepare the site correctly in order to ensure the owner’s safety and spare them as much inconvenience as possible. We not only have to keep the residents safe but we have to seal off the worksite as much as possible from the dust and debris that is an everyday part of the construction business.

There was an also an add-on section built on to the sandstone structure that was constructed of timber in the sixties that we partially demolished in order to tie the old structure into the newest structure.

Therefore, we had to seal off the doors and windows between the sandstone structure and the add-on to prevent dust and debris getting into the owner’s residence.

We also had to provide dust and debris protection to the kitchen by blocking off access from the inside, as we had to demolish the adjacent roof to tie the structures together.

Luckily, the kitchen has an external door that the owners can use to access the kitchen during the construction period.

Additional Preparation Work for the Structure

The part of the add-on that will be preserved also needs some additional work. The previous builder didn’t create a tight seal between the sandstone walls and the add-on. This gap allows drafts in the winter and bugs in the summer to enter the residence. We will have to chisel out the sandstone wall deep enough to provide a channel into which we can properly form a tight seal for the new framing and cladding.

The addition of a new bathroom and the height of the new ceiling also means that we are going to have to remove some of the original sandstone blocks and re-purpose them to fit the new layout and design. With these left-over sandstone blocks, we will build a firepit on the property that the owners can enjoy on winter nights.

Project Description
  • Date : January 23, 2019
  • Client :
  • Location : Mayaylya, NSW

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