Renovating a Dural Stable into a Cottage to House Bed and Breakfast Guests

One of our more whimsical projects was completed back in 2016. It consisted of renovating, converting and expanding an existing horse stable into a rustic and charming cottage extension to house guests of a Dural Bed and Breakfast establishment.

The Architect’s design called for us to expand upwards to preserve as much of the idyllic, surrounding grounds as possible.

This meant the addition of a handcrafted timber staircase that was situated within its own tower. The tower design enabled us to keep and utilise as much of the floor space of the old horse stable as we could.

Life in the Countryside

We created a bedroom loft on the upper floor that features a balcony where the guests can enjoy views of the surrounding countryside.

The ground floor contains a living area, small kitchen and a bathroom with laundry facilities. The entire structure has large windows and French doors to admit as much light as possible, offer views of the rural Dural surroundings and preserve the feeling of airiness and space.

Project Description
  • Date : April 17, 2018
  • Client : J. Booth
  • Location : Dural, NSW

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