Updating a Kellyville Kitchen into an Efficient Culinary Workspace

The beautiful and practical use of stone countertops and back-splash is the highlight of this modernising home renovation project of a kitchen in the Baulkham Hills area of Kellyville.

Our mission was to modernise, lighten and expand the counter space of this Kellyville kitchen. Removing the wall-mounted oven, replacing it with a combination oven and range and removing the vertical shelves from the opposite wall meant that we almost doubled the available counter space along the walls.

The countertops and backsplashes were all replaced with beautiful stone countertops which served to enhance the brightening aspect of the room as well.

Let There Be Light

We installed numerous pin-spotlights in the ceiling to highlight the workspace and provide a wealth of available light to brighten up the room as a whole. The wall-mounted shelves were also replaced with reflective, white-coloured shelves.

The reflective nature of the stone countertops added to the overall effect. The highlight of the kitchen is an island in white panelling and a stone countertop which is also functional as a countertop as well as serving as an additional reflective surface for the lighting.

Plenty of Additional Storage in the Island

The storage space that was lost in the expansion of the wall countertops was more than made up for by the inclusion of plenty of storage space in large drawers in the sides of the island.

The kitchen home renovation was completed in approximately three weeks in 2017.

Project Description
  • Date : April 16, 2018
  • Client : K. O'brien
  • Location : Kellyville, NSW

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