Let There Be Light

Since you last joined us we ‘ve made a lot of progress on this project to tie two structures together that span the centuries.

We’ve filled in the addition between the two structures and completed the walls, cladding and roofing. Now, we’ve moved inside to finish the newly installed bathroom and other rooms.

Walking through the living room we’ve added we are astounded by the amount of light the French doors and the picture windows either side of them let in. They keep the room warm even on a cold winter’s morning.

Added Protection from the Sun

As you gaze out the windows, you can also see that we’ve completed the framing for the awnings that ring the veranda area between the two structures. These awnings will be a continuation and extension of the awning that runs around the front and sides of the newer structure. They will continue the lines, providing cohesion to the entire unified structure and offering a shaded place to sit on a hot summer’s day or protection from the rains on the central veranda.

These veranda extensions and the roofline serve to make the two structures look they are part of one continuous architectural plan, just as we intended.

Finishing the Bathroom

The bathroom is starting to come together as well. On the long back wall there will be a free-standing bathtub and on the wall toward the veranda there will be a shower with a niche and a frameless glass shower screen. Beside that will be the toilet.

On the wall separating the bathroom from the living room we’ll have a wall-hung vanity with a mirror above it.

The rectangular tiles, while attractive, don’t work well when set in two directions. Therefore, we will lay the tiles parallel to the long wall which will hold the bathtub and provide a graded drain running the length of the wall.

Getting Rid of the Drafts in the Old Structure

You might remember back in Episode 1 when we explained about the joinery between the sandstone walls that go back to 1893 and the extension that was built in the 70s and demolished in our renovation. The old joinery left a considerable gap between the sandstone and the timber framing. This allowed cold drafts into the house in the winter and a lot of insects into the house in the summer.

We’ve since cut further into the blocks and chiseled out enough to where we can fit the new framing completely into the channel. This provides us with an airtight seal, meaning no more drafts or insects into the house.

Finishing the Interiors and the Awnings

In the next few weeks, we’ll be finishing the bathroom and the other rooms in the house and completing the awnings on the veranda. The project has been everything we’d hoped for so far and we’ll be excited to provide you with another update once we have made some progress on the interiors and awnings.

Project Description
  • Date : February 6, 2019
  • Client :
  • Location : Mayaylya, NSW

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