We Constructed a Brand-new Spacious Limestone-clad Home in Maraylya

The area north of Baulkham Hills that the town of Maraylya is situated in is not immune to bushfires from time to time. This is something that we had to take into consideration when planning the construction of this spacious, rambling, country-style home.

One of our options was to build the home out of fire-resistant materials and that is just what we did. The home is entirely clad with limestone blocks. These blocks acts as a protective measure against the danger of bushfires.

Additional fire prevention measures incorporated by us include a bushfire zone around the area where the house is situated and the integration of a large water tank into the home.

Features of the Home

But not all the features had to do with the threat of bushfires. This home was built on top of solid rock which had to be excavated for the convenient underground garage that the home sits atop.

It also contains an imported fireplace and substantial landscaping to create an outdoor entertainment area that incorporates a swimming pool into its design and layout.

The construction project also included a 300 square-metre shed for the many tools demanded by country living.

This project was completed over the course of nine months in 2015.

Project Description
  • Date : April 17, 2018
  • Client : S. Quadrio
  • Location : Mayaylya, NSW

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