Termite Protection System, Timber Frames, Plumbing & More

In part one of this series, we gave an overview of the project and the preparations we had to make in order to ensure the resident’s safety and comfort before we could begin the demolition stage of the project.

Now we’ve completed the demolition and, having poured our slab, can look forward to carrying out the framing, addition of the plumbing and electrical fixtures and, ultimately, the finish work and handover of this exciting and historic home extension and renovation project in Maraylya.

Protection Against Termites

In this rural area of New South Wales, termites are known to be a problem and so the first order of business before we could pour our slab was to install a perimeter termite protection system.

We planned to augment this first line of defence against termites with the additional use of termite-resistant, treated pine timber in all of our framing needs to provide the owners with additional peace of mind.

Finishing the Drains and Slab and Beginning the Framing

We also had to install all the needed drains in the renovation before pouring the slab. The bathroom, laundry and storm-water drains were all prepped and positioned, then we were ready to pour our slab.

Once we had poured and finished the slab and allowed it to cure, we were ready to start our framing. This central section of the renovation will feature a large living room with French doors flanked by two enormous picture windows.

They will all look out over this large, centrally-located, veranda that will provide an outdoor area for entertaining guests and a soon-to-be popular sitting area that will allow the owners a perfect vantage point to look out over their beautiful expanse of property.

Roof and Siding Installation

Once we’ve completed the framing on the exterior walls, we can start on the roofing and siding installation and then finish the interior wall framing and finish work.

When we have completed the roof and siding installation, the home extension and renovation will offer a harmonious tie-in from the older sandstone structure to the newer timber framed structure.

The owners will begin to see the added expansive area of their home renovation and begin to also decide on the decorating possibilities provided by the increased floor area.

We’ll provide viewers with another update once we’ve gotten a bit further along in the construction process. That update will show the completed external structure as well as some of the unique touches, fixtures and interior finishing work that we are proud to contribute to this utterly unique and timeless project that bridges the centuries in one amazing structure in Maraylya.

Project Description
  • Date : January 24, 2019
  • Client :
  • Location : Mayaylya, NSW

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