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Home Renovations & Extensions

Your home is your private sanctuary, where you and your family can be together and completely relax, create memories, celebrate and enjoy your independence... where you can truly embrace your individual lifestyle.

We talk to families every day about what they can do with a renovation or extension to keep their sanctuary all to themselves, while making it work in real terms for their current lifestyle.

The things to focus on when deciding how to proceed are:

● How connected and in love with your home and area are you? Home and the histories we create there are emotional places that can be hard to leave behind.
● Is this an opportunity to capitalise on your investment and use the renovation or extension journey to improve your financial position?
● Is the property market in a good place for sellers or buyers?
● What compromises will you have to make if you go or if you stay?

Our custom renovation and extension service is designed to help you with all of these questions and more. We are available to discuss your project, simply give us a call or send an email to book a time to speak with us.

Getting Started

The quality of your experience with us is primary. To begin building that relationship with you, we start with an initial meeting to learn everything we can about:

Your most important wants and desires for your home.

The configuration of your family.

Your lifestyle needs now and for the future.

Your budget.

Your idea of a dream result.