Adding an Extension on Your Home Can Revitalise Your Lifestyle

There are many reasons to add an extension onto your home. The most common is that families grow and need to add an extra bedroom for new arrivals from time to time.
However, this is certainly not the only reason. Maybe you’ve been trying to maximise your living area for entertaining, maybe you have a new hobby that you need more space for, or maybe you just enjoy spaciousness.
Whatever your reasons may be, adding an extension can also revitalize you and your family’s lifestyle. It will also increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell your home. For these two reasons alone, adding an extension is never a bad idea.

The Planning Phase of an Extension

Quadrio Building Services can deliver the entire job from start to finish. This includes drawing the plans and obtaining the necessary building approvals. This will ensure we are on the same page throughout the entire construction phase and know what to expect along the way.
During the planning phase, we will establish a working relationship with you to make sure all your expectations are known. This is the time to address all of your wants and needs. Once construction has begun, it could be too late to make any changes because of second thoughts. It will likely be difficult to make the changes and drive up your construction costs as well as extending the construction period.

Make Plans for the Construction Phase

It’s likely that you will still need to reside in the home during the construction phase of your extension project. This involves some planning between you and us and some adjustments from you and your family.

We will schedule the days and hours that the work will take place. Also make some rules about which areas of the home our team are expected to occupy and which areas are off-limits, as well as which entrances they will use.

Monitoring the Construction of Your Extension

Quadrio Building Services will give you daily updates on the progress according to the schedule and notify you of any problems or delays in the schedule.
There should be no surprises regarding the quality of workmanship or the materials used. If there are any particular deviation from the plans, we will be sure to discuss it with you as soon as possible so we can fix it before it becomes a bigger problem.
Quadrio Building Services follow common sense through all the phases of building your extension, you will be rewarded with exactly what you wanted in an extension that will suit your family’s needs.

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