Get Involved in Your Renovation to Make Sure that it Suits Your Needs

There is an old saying in the carpentry trade: “Measure twice and cut once.” Planning should be a major part of any renovation you and your builder undertake and you should play a major role in this planning.
But before you even hire a builder to help you realise your dream renovation project, you should do your own homework. Look at specialists in the field that resemble what you will be trying to accomplish in your renovation to see if they really do fit your needs.

Choose the Right Renovation Builder For You

Once you have firm ideas about your renovation, choose an expert builder that can perform the entire job. Look around, interview the most promising ones and look at all their portfolios.
Choose one that can deliver not only the construction phase of the project, but the pre-construction phases as well: the plans and building approvals.
This is the way to ensure that your builder has a complete understanding of your project. It also allows you to establish a good working relationship with them as you toss ideas back and forth during the planning stage.
Having a builder that isn’t hesitant to involve you in the design stage is also important. After all, it is your project. Work closely with them through the design stage to ensure you will be getting just what you want.

Plan the Entire Construction Phase of Your Project

When setting up a schedule for your renovation, include milestones in the schedule. These milestones should represent significant progress points in the construction and can be tied to payment.
Quadrio Building Services accepts staged payments throughout the course of a renovation project. Some milestones will take longer to reach than others. These milestones will give you points of reference to use in determining the timeline of the entire project.
Quadrio Building Services will be sure to maintain an open line of communication with you at all times. We will update you on a regular basis as to the daily or weekly progress on the project and keep you informed of any problems we run into.

Careful Planning Makes for Smooth Sailing

We carefully plan every step of your renovation and taking an active role in the design and scheduling. This will give you lot more peace of mind than simply showing us a picture of your dream home and letting us get on with it.
Having an active involvement with Quadrio Building Services from the beginning is the best way to ensure that your renovation reaches your expectations and provides you with a home that meets your needs for years to come.

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